Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to Modish StyL

First I would like to say thanks for taking the time to read my blog and welcome!  Modish StyL is chic, sophisticated, and fabulous style for those who love fashion.  Modish StyL can be new, vintage, modern, or unique.  Being modish all depends on how a person feels at the time.  Modish StyL will eventually become an online boutique that will sell pre-owned high fashion handbags, shoes, jewelry and watches for those who love designer label fashion but can't afford to walk into Dior, Chanel, or Gucci to purchase a brand new item.    Stay tuned for the exciting launch tentatively scheduled for Nov 2011.  I look forward to a fun future of blogging and sharing my opinion on the latest fashion.

Fall StyL

Summer has left and Fall is here. There are lots of new and classic trends that should be considered for this season; such as, gorilla sleeves, mixed material jackets, and tie neck blouses.

Gorilla Sleeves are high end and can work depending on where you are going and how you where them.  Here are a few exammples that will be fierce for the fall.
Yves Saint Laurent

Louis Vuitton

Another trend that one might want to consider are the mixed material jackets.  They are fun,
versatile, and perfect for a fun day out shopping or night on the town.  
Wool Trench Coat with leather sleeves! This is a hot look that will go great with boots and some skinny's!
Trench coach with leather sleeves! Another fun coat for the fall.

 Last but not least, tie neck blouses are so classic and beautiful.  They add a little bit of a vintage touch to a modern outfit.  Many or these blouses can be worn alone with a pair of cute jeans and 120 Louboutins; however, for a more casual look, the tie neck blouse with a three quarter sweater over top will look fabulous as well.

Tie-Neck Blouses at Charles Nolan, Doo Ri, and Alexander Wang.

Have Fun and step outside of the box with these new trends for Fall!